Simmulator Platform CKAS VersaFRM

Simmulator Platform CKAS VersaFRM2


For low cost single or dual seater motion simulator applications and Serious Home Enthusiasts

The VersaFRM is a very low cost efficient 2 degree of freedom (2DOF) simulation platform targeted at simulator builders who are seeking to quickly develop a low to medium fidelity motion simulator of any kind for up to 2 people. The VersaFRM comes with a choice of two different payload motion systems and can be turned into a motion simulator very quickly with little addition of parts from the simulator builder.

The VersaFRM system provides a solution to ALL the difficult engineering for a simulator builder, allowing them the opportunity to focus on producing the cockpit fitout (such as controls and software) to produce a high quality motion simulator for any application.

The VersaFRM is based around the T Series 2DOF Motion System, which feature some incredible response and fidelity.

Typical Applications:

The VersaFRM is very versatile in terms of compatible applications, some of which could be:

• Flight Simulator for light to medium size aircraft
• Driving Simulator for Car or Truck / Bus
• Military Vehicle Simulator
• Watercraft Simulator
• Train driver or Rail Simulator
• Crane Driving, Mining Equipment or Haul Truck Simulator


The VersaFRM comes with the following inclusions:

• T Series 2DOF Motion Platform (choice of 2 payloads)


• Rigid steel framework and assembling hardware (screws/brackets/etc) which requires some very basic assembly to hold the main structure on the motion platform


• Rigid prefabricated steel structure to hold up to three typical 32” LCD or LED monitors / TV's (VESA 200 x 200 and VESA 200 x 100 mounting holes) for total immersion.


• Rigid 25mm multi-ply floor for installing all the cockpit components such as seats, controls and other components.