Simulator Platform OpenFRM Single

Simulator Platform OpenFRM Single2

Simulator Platform OpenFRM Single


For mid cost single seater high fidelity simulator applications and some very serious home enthusiasts.


The OpenFRM Single is a low to mid cost 3 or 6 degree of freedom (3DOF/6DOF) simulation platform targeted at simulator builders who are seeking to quickly develop a medium to high fidelity motion simulator of any kind for up to 1 person. The OpenFRM Single comes with a choice of two different motion systems and can be turned into a motion simulator very quickly with little addition of parts from the simulator builder.


The OpenFRM Single system provides a solution to ALL the difficult engineering for a simulator builder, allowing them the opportunity to focus on producing the cockpit fitout (such as controls and software) to produce a high quality 3DOF or 6DOF motion simulator for any application.


The OpenFRM Single is based around the W5 6DOF Motion System or the U5 3DOF Motion System, which feature some incredible response and fidelity.


Typical Applications:

The OpenFRM Single is very versatile in terms of compatible applications, some of which could be:

• Flight Simulator for light to medium size aircraft including fighter jets (single seater)
• Driving Simulator for Car or Truck / Bus (single seater)
• Military Vehicle Simulator
• Watercraft Simulator
• Train driver or Rail Simulator
• Crane Driving, Mining Equipment or Haul Truck Simulator



The OpenFRM Single comes with the following inclusions:


•  W5 6DOF Motion System (for highest fidelity) or U5 3DOF Motion System (for mid fidelity applications).


•  Rigid steel framework and assembling hardware (screws/brackets/etc) which requires some very basic assembly to hold the main structure on the motion platform.


•  Rigid prefabricated steel structure to hold up to three typical 42” LCD or LED monitors / TV's (VESA 400 x 400) for total immersion offering a substantial 40o vertical and 180o horizontal field of view.


•  Rigid steel contructed and 25mm multi-ply floor for installing all the cockpit components such as seats, controls and other components.