Monbloc Air Conditioner - Without Outdoor Unit

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Odessey Monobloc Air Conditioner


The innovative WZ 28 Monbloc air conditioner does not require an outdoor unitlike a conventional split system. The Odessey only requires two 162mm holes to be provide on an external wall & hang unit on wall. Sleeves & bracket are provided in the kit.



  • NO requirement for pipework to be installed between indoor and outdoor unit.
  • NO Condenser wall brackets, concrete slabs or balconies to sit the outdoor unit on.
  • NO additional refrigeration gas required.
  • Savings on installation time and cost.
  • Plugs into a normal household power point (240V, 50Hz, 10amp)
  • Mod bus connection to over 200 units

It is a plug and play unit that has been installed in applications like student accommodation, hotels, small apartment complexes, and defence force accommodation.