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ESI offers a range of Heating solutions, for domestic and commercial buildings.


Our heating systems benefit you in running with Less energy consumption, more efficiency, and extra comfort - the ideal solution. The technologies we employ are optimised for high efficiency and high reliability and when coupled with smart temperature control across different cooling "zones", you can often save up to 55% (estimated) compared to traditional systems.


We also offer:


  • Wide range of quality air conditioners & systems
  • Custom design, sales, installation & service
  • Residential & Commercial projects
  • Safe, user- and environmentally friendly systems
  • All work done by licensed and qualified staff
  • Certificate of Compliance provided at job completion
  • Extended warranty available on installations and equipment


We can help you to create more energy efficient house, by providing solutions for all your heating needs with the most reliable, premium quality equipment. All our systems are safe and user friendly, and also energy efficient - so friendly on the environment.


We design, sell, and install the latest range of modern heating systems, including, OPAL individual room Temperature Controls, all completed by highly qualified, licensed professionals.


We provide our customers - both residential and commercial - with reliable, technical advice on any issue related to heating, air conditioning, cooling, ventilation and ionisation.


We offer a wide range of competitively priced & revolutionary equipment to suit any type of client, no matter how small or large it might be.