Australia's First Reverce Cycle Solar PV - DC AIr Conditioner (Inverter)

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Less Consumption than running a lightbulb

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Air conditioning is one of the most significant costs to Australian households. Whilst it definitely makes life more comfortable, rapidly escalating power costs are making air conditioning in many homes a luxury. Not anymore!


The SolarAir - Inverter Air Conditioner system have now been released into Australia. Using cutting edge technology, this air-conditioning system uses a combination of solar power and mains electricity, effectively reducing operating costs by up to 97% during daylight hours


SolarAir - Inverter Air Conditioner uniquely harnesses's the sun's energy.


4 x High Efficiency Monocrystalline Panels


All Aussie Solar World Power modules are fully cerified to Australian Standards AS NZS5033. Unlike many of our competitors who use cheaper panels, we only use high quality multi-diode solar panels. If one panel becomes partially shaded, the whole system will keep working at peak efficiency. Our quality panels also feature a protective glass film covering which makes them weather resistant. All our panels are regerstered in the Business Council for Sustainablity Energy (BCSE) Australian PV module database and are to BCSE certification.