Finally, there is a safe and innovative solution to self applied heat therapy. The Thermobuddy vest is specifically designed to be versatile while distributing therapeutic heat to the body’s tension zones.

5 reasons why you need the Thermobuddy

  1. This unique vest warms up to a comfortable temperature which effectively relieves pain and relaxes tight and cramped muscles.
  2. The heat penetrates deep into the muscles that surround the lumbar spine, stimulating the flow of oxygen to the muscles and encouraging the repair of damaged tissue. It also relieves discomfort by decreasing pain signals generated by the brain.
  3. The hands-free design means that awkward heat packs, leaky hot water bottles and being bed-ridden are a thing of the past.
  4. The gentle heat facilitates the stretching of soft tissue around the spine, increasing flexibility and reducing the risk of further injury.
  5. Thermobuddy is produced in sizes suitable to fit most body shapes.

The perfect buddy you’ll NEVER want to be without!