Juice made at home with the Juicepresso is packed with vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants. With today’s busy lifestyle and poor diet management, there is a bigger need for a good juicer that keeps the nutritional contents of fruits and vegetables.

While blenders and traditional juicers destroy nutrients and enzymes in fruits and vegetables, Juicepresso presses juice out of produce slowly so that it maintains the maximum amount of nutrition and taste. It also yields up to 50 per cent more juice than a traditional juicer in a shorter amount of time.



More Nutritious
Juice made from the Juicepresso has the maximum amount of enzymes, minerals and vitamins from fruits and vegetables. As a cold press juicer, Juicepresso squeezes slowly and gently, minimising heat and oxidation that destroys nutrients, making it the best juicer you can buy for health. The result is juice that is rich in colour and not separated.

More Juice & Maximum Taste
Juicepresso integrates a dual stage process – first crushing, and then squeezing – to extract up to 50 per cent more juice than a traditional juicer. The difference is clear in the drier pulp, richer colour, and concentrated taste. With the Juicepresso, you get to enjoy the pure, full flavours of nature’s produce.

More Versatile
Make juice from anything you desire – from soft fruits and vegetables to nuts and legumes. You can even use the Juicepresso as a wheat grass juicer.

Silent & Energy Efficient
Juicepresso squeezes slowly rather than grinds quickly, so on top of not producing friction and heat, it minimises noise and is whisper quiet. It also consumes less electricity and is up to 10 times more energy-efficient than traditional juicers.

Cleaning the Juicepresso could not be easier. Simply pour in water to clean the entire juicing system before switching to a different fruit or vegetable. With no sharp edges, you will have no worries handling the Juicepresso for thorough cleaning.

Ultra Strong Ultem Strainer
The Juicepresso now features the brand new Ultem Strainer, which provides the same function as the plastic strainer only 8 times stronget. It is made from GE Ultem material and BPA-free.