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The Coway AP-1008CH Air Purifier delivers a sense of well-being that can only come from taking in deep breaths of pristine and pure air. Coway’s innovative design and technology has produced a stunningly powerful air purifier that is easy to use and very smart with an artificial intelligence (AI) control system.


 The Coway AP1008CH’s three-stage filter system will leave your indoor air irresistibly clean and fresh. It is effective in large rooms up to 30 square meters.

The Pre-Filter first filters out large particles such as dust and human hair.

Then, the 1008CH’s unique A3 medium filter makes a huge difference in air filtration. It consists of vacuum-metalised nano silver that’s been impregnated with active carbon, making it highly anti-bacterial, anti-odour and anti-dust. This powerful combination filter greatly strengthens the efficiency of the air purifier.

These filters, combined with the unit’s HEPA filter helps the Coway AP1008CH Air Purifier to eliminate 99% of bacteria, 80% of dust and 40% of bad odours.

The Coway air purifier’s performance has also been officially certified by the British Allergy Foundation.


This “smart” air purifier visually displays how clean your indoor air is. The special micro-controller is constantly checking the indoor air quality level and adjusts the colour pollution indicator lamp accordingly to ensure you’re getting clean, purified air every time.



 Dust & Gas Sensor:

Optimal air purification is possible with constant monitoring and accurate measurement of indoor air pollution through the sensors (dust sensor, gas sensor) that check the level of dust particles and bacteria.

CDS Sensor (Light Sensor):

Automatically detecting variations in ambient light intensity, the CDS Sensor switches operation to Sleep Mode when the luminous intensity is less than 1 Lux for 3 minutes. When the luminous intensity returns to more than 2 Lux for 5 minutes, operation reverts to Auto Mode. The CDS Sensor: saving energy and enhancing restful sleep.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Control System:

Unattended operation is regulated by an AI control program that adjusts airflow in accordance with the level of indoor air pollution and switches to Power Saving Mode or Sleep Mode when appropriate and safe.


The Coway AP-1008CH’s Ultra Thin Filter reduces the depth between front and back. Plus, its innovative flow design reduces the space around the fan allowing for a slimmer design & higher air purification efficiency.

This also reduces the frequency for cleaning the Coway filters, making it more convenient for you.

To reduce noise generation & enhance CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate), Coway selected the BL-DC motor and applied optimal air flow by using computerised simulation.