Air Purifier Coway AP-1008DH

Air Purifier Coway AP 1008DHA2
Air Purifier Coway AP 1008DHB
Air Purifier Coway AP 1008DHc2
Air Purifier Coway AP 1008DHA3

The Coway AP-1008DH air purifier’s revolutionary airflow technology, unique filter mechanism and smart artificial intelligence (AI) program combine into an air purifying system that works automatically and round the clock to keep the air healthy and clean.


Child Safety system
When the front cover is open, the device stops operation automatically.

High energy efficiency
Even though air purifiers are sensitive to power consumption, many other manufacturers omit this point. The Coway air purifier is highly energy-efficient and is prepared with an Energy Star certification. It consumes between 3.9W of energy in silent mode to approximately 37.8W of energy in Turbo mode.

Easy & economic filter replacement
The  filters can be very easily changed without any equipment, because the front cover is attached to its body by magnet. Coway’s filters are available in full sets so you can save on costs. Plus, with the AP1008DH’s filter replacement indicator, you only change the filters when it’s needed.

  • Ultra slim design
  • One-touch operation on a digital panel
  • Four-speed manual mode, auto mode, silent and sleep mode, power saving mode
  • Triple filter integrated into a single MCC filter
  • Shields against various airborne allergens and seasonal allergens
  • Colour pollution indication and filter replacement indicator
  • Zero ozone emission and highly energy-efficient
  • Combat allergies and seasonal air-borne illnesses
  • Awarded the British Allergy Foundation (BAF) Seal of Approva