Formula 1 6DOF Simulator

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Fomula 1 6DOF Motion Simulator


Our flagship model of all our entertainment simulators is our F1 6DOF Motion Simulator. This unit is a full motion Formula 1 style simulator (available in classic or contemporary shape F1 – shown here in Classic Shape) and is essentially a full professional Formula 1 simulator as used by several of the competing Formula 1 Teams.


This simulator is for the most professional and serious entertainment applications, well suited to a specialised racing sim centre, theme park attraction or the most die hard home enthusiast.


With outstanding standard features such as:

  • Full 6DOF Motion System with Formula 1 specific washout algorithms for recreation of the most subtle inertial effects
  • Complete immersion projector based visual system, correctly matched to show horizon and open wheel tyres in optically correct location, for unparalleled realism.
  • High force “Arcade Industry” quality force feedback control loader steering with paddle shift gears
  • For / Aft electrically adjustable position dual foot pedals (accelerator and brake) to suit most size drivers (max 6"6')

After several laps in the F1 6DOF Motion Simulator, the heart rate is high, the forearms are shaky, and the forehead is sweating. You are INSTANTLY punished for any mistakes around the circuit, including touching / hitting walls, ripple strips, other cars, grass, bad gear changes and the list goes on.


All drivers which have had the privilege to drive this incredible Formula 1 Motion Simulator agree that is by far the most difficult – but fair – drive they have ever experienced, and the closest any person will come to a real Formula 1 vehicle.

This unit can be supplied with several options, depending on application, including:

  • Full custom paint / sticker scheme (supplied in single colour as standard)
  • Access Stair and barrier system for public applications, permanent or mobile
  • Matched Re-enforced Concrete Slab “Weight” for mobile applications (550kg min)
  • Triple Screen “wrap around” Visual System


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