Race Training Simulators

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Race Training Simulators


ESI provides unique vehicle simulators to various training markets, ranging from race car driver training devices, to domestic or special task driver training simulators.


Race Training – Formula, GT, Touring, Rally or any other


• Fully electric 6 degree of freedom motion system
• Half car cockpit replica
• triple projection system with 3 x Full HD projectors covering a huge 180° Horizontal x 40° Vertical seamless field of view for complete immersion showing the front wheels in the correct eye position
• High force professional active steering system
• Fully adjustable pedal position

This combination / configuration of motion and visuals is completely unique in the commercial space - not available for from any other company worldwide - only F1 teams themselves.

ESI can give your team the winning edge by providing extremely high fidelity 6DOF motion racing simulators, for any kind of race vehicle. The recreation of real driving inertial and visual cues will help your drivers sharpen their skills well beyond the competition, in a safe and “unregulated” practice / training environment, irrespective of wether the track is available or not.

Our 6DOF motion racing simulator units are small enough to fit inside any team truck or transport vehicle, so taking them to the track on a race meet is most convenient, allowing your drivers to practice well after the competition has hung up the helmet and gloves for the day.

Full motion 6DOF Race simulation has been used for many years in high level competition such as Formula 1, but with CKAS’ innovation and cost reduction of full 6DOF motion systems, full motion, high fidelity racing simulators are now a reality for even the tightest team budgets.

Our racing simulators are based on the most advanced and accurate racing simulation engines currently on the market, which are:

• rFactor Pro
• rFactor 2
• iRacing


Both of these packages offer the most flexibility for a custom solution designed to meet the team’s specific requirements, setups, suspension geometries, etc. Both these packages also allow the import of real vehicle data, from real vehicle onboard data gathering systems.


Naturally, full motion racing simulators also come equipped with high fidelity servo control loaders for the steering system, recreating the real forces a driver must wrestle with on the circuit, essentially covering the final hurdle for recreating the real racing environment.


The final outcome is a race care simulator which provides an extremely strong “positive learning” process for any race car driver, and ultimately, this technology will form the basis of all race training across all disciplines of motor sport.


Essentially, the most pressing question is, can your team afford NOT to have one of these for your drivers?