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Driver Safety Training Simulation

In Australia, as with most countries around the world, driver training for domestic and commercial vehicles is usually limited to practice in real vehicles under real conditions with other real drivers. This poses a threat for two reasons. Firstly, it usually means that there are not too many hours of driver training due to the logistic difficulties, and secondly, it means that the training is done “on the job” which creates a safety risk for other motorists. Clearly, this presents an opportunity to further increase driver training in the community through the use of synthetic simulator devices similar to other industries.

ESI can develop full driver training simulators, for education of domestic drivers or task specific drivers (eg, Truck Driver, Bus Driver, Mining Equipment Driver, etc). These training devices are the equivalent in standard to Commercial Flight Simulators, but in the Driver Training Industry. The design intent of these simulators is to teach better driver awareness and safety skills, in industries which currently make very little use of simulation technology.

The types of simulators which ESI can create include (but are not limited to):

• Domestic Vehicle Simulator – to recreate with high accuracy real everyday driving conditions in a safe environment
• Commercial Vehicle Simulator – for Trucks, Buses, Trains and other road and rail transport vehicle, to Train and Check drivers

• Heavy Earth Moving (Mining) Vehicle Simulators – for any mining industry vehicle simulators


Some of the key features these units can be designed to include are:

• Full 6DOF Motion System / Platform and associated washout algorithms

• Genuine vehicle cabin and dash hardware (not replicated) for unparalleled realism

• 180o “wrap-around” visual system for true representation of driving conditions

• Rear Vision System – a revolutionary rear view system whose main focus is to create a realistic rear view with many of the key attributes associated with looking into the rear view mirrors of a vehicle (eg head shifting view change).

• Genuine Transmission System – the real automotive transmission can be driven by a servo motor to replicate as closely as possible the real forces and loads a transmission experiences during regular driving.

• Genuine Clutch System – the real clutch can be attached to the transmission mentioned above to replicate as closely as possible the real forces and loads the clutch pedal provides to the driver during regular driving.

• Genuine Brake System – the real brake pedal can be connected to the genuine calliper and disc system in order to replicate as closely as possible the real forces and loads the brake pedal provides to the driver during regular driving.

• Genuine Steering System – the real steering system including steering pump can be used and a servo loader can be attached to the steering box to recreate realistic driving forces and loads.

• Authentic General Controls and User Interface – the real switches and general controls (eg. Indicators, wipers, etc) of the vehicle cabin can be used and interfaced with the simulation computer through the controller interface

• Instructor Panel – the interface for the instructor who is training the driver

• A driving simulator consisting of the above features can be designed and built to specific customer needs, creating the MOST realistic driving environment for true positive learning.

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