Thermal Engineering

ESI is an technology leader in the supply of quality Thermal Engineering solutions. We Offering fully-integrated design, engineering, manufacturing, research and development, construction and service capabilities.

ESI has assisted in developing and implementing a number of systems in the efficient operations of heat and mass transfer technologies. Our attention to detail and the years of experience of our staff in research and various international markets has allowed ESI to stay at the forefront of Thermal Engineering.



Model of Regenerator


Vertical Regenarators, at the same time acting as a load-bearing and chimney.


Flat oval tubes with partial finning.


Flat oval tubes with partial finning.


Standard modular waste-heat boilers on outlet of regenerator.


Video of Heat exchanger.



We offer

1. Dry cooling towers.

2. Air condensers for cooling technological equipment.

All our thermal equipment is based on a new type of finned tube technology i.e flat- oval tubes with partial finning.
The Introduction of new finned tubes will lead to considerable savings of materials and energy resources.

3. Steam-gas cycle of gas turbines with the production of electricity and plane water simultaneously.      (Air condenser with new tubes after the turbine)

4. Boilers with direct sumpesimble combust.  The boilers have very high levels of coefficient performance and very low level of emissions.

5. Monitoring and management systems for power station equipment. Our systems help to make thermal equipment life cycle predictions.

6. Future planing and design to help in extending the life cycle of thermal equipment.      Includes - calculation, research, investigation and prediction of cycle of life of thermal equipment.

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