About Us

Engineering & Scientific International is an Australian owned and operated company that provides innovative, scientific and advanced technologies within the global market. Our aim is to seek new and unique technologies to eliminate the boundaries and expand horizons by importing and exporting these technologies around the World.

Engineering & Scientific International takes pride in successfully serving the varied needs of our clients with products featuring consistent quality, technical competence and competitive prices. Further the services of experienced team of engineers has helped us further enhance our expertise in developing customized variants of our products as per the exacting needs of our clients.

Our international team:


  • Chris Kasapis- Ph.D, creator and director of CKAS Mechatronics, a world class leading simulation company, with very high profile international clients. (Melbourne, Australia) 
  • Yakov Elgart- Ph.D, Director of ESI. (Melbourne, Australia) 
  • Sergey Khantsis- Ph.D, Developer of new technologies and algorithms for commercial simulators. (Melbourne, Australia) 
  • Andrew Zipsin- Chief Engineer accountable for the design and manufacture of integrated electromechanical system. (Melbourne, Australia) 
  • Eugene Elgart- High-class developer of computer systems. (Melbourne, Australia) 
  • Eugene Pismennyy- Ph.D, professor, head of Heat-and-Power Engineering Department of the National Technical University of Ukraine, scientist with world renown name in Thermal Energetic, author of numerous books and articles (Kiev, Ukraine). 
  • Sergei Khairnasov- Ph.D, Senior Research Fellow and Lecturer of the National Technical University of Ukraine, author of numerous inventions (Kiev, Ukraine). 
  • Lev Goldshtein- outstanding mechanical engineer, specialising in refrigeration and air conditioning. Author of 14 internationally recognised inventions. (Israel)  
  • Sergei Isaev- Ph.D, professor, scientist with world renown name in Computer modelling of thermodynamic processes, author of numerous books and articles (Saint Petersburg, Russia). 
  • Yaroslav Chudnovsky- Ph.D, Senior Research Fellow in Gas Technology Insitute, editor of few scientific magazines (Chicago, USA).
  • Eldar Rubinov- Ph.D, professional, specialising in land and hydrographic surveying, Glaobal Navigation Sattelite System research, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle surveys and laser scanning (Australia,Azerbaijan).


 And many other engineers and scientists in different countries of the world.